Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Americas Next Top Husband

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Despite my distaste in the industries and the way they tend to shape society, I'm hopelessly addicted to shows like Dr. 90210 and Americas Next Top Model. While I usually fast forward through the house drama of reality TV life, I can't help but get sucked into the surgery aspect (for Dr 90210), as well as the photo shoots on ANTM.

This week while catching up on the latest ANTM season, Matt occassionally glanced up from his 3DS to make fun of me for being able to understand Tyra Banks slanguage. And like with any other show I watch while he's in the room playing games, he will eventually get a little sucked into it.

The preview for this weeks episode declared that the current most famous Victoria's Secret model will be a guest on the show. And this was the resulting conversation between Matt and I:

Me: I wonder if it'll be Gisele.

Matt: Who?

Me: Really? You don't watch Victoria's Secret commercials? Gisele Bundchen.

Matt: . . . . no idea.

Me: Name any Victoria Secret model, right now.

Matt: . . . .

Me: Name any model right now. Any.

Matt: . . . . Kathy Ireland?

Me: Name any model within the last ten years.

Matt: Claudia Schiffer.

Me: Name any model within the last ten years that didn't also exist in the modeling world twenty years ago.

Matt: . . . . I dunno . . . Tyra Banks!?

Me: You're adorable.

Granted, most of his head is currently filled with comic book history, video game knowledge and IMDB, a part of me slightly doubts that this same test could be applied to porn stars. I'm a realist.


Sheila Simmons said...

My husband might not know who see is also because he not really into celebrity gossip. I love ANTM right now. It was good she added guys this time. I can't think of his name but he needs to stop drinking and concentrate on his walk.

Kimberliah said...

My husband probably wouldn't know their names, either... lol Estimated bra sizes... maybe, but names... heck no! :)

J W said...

This is an excellent test and I am going to use it on kster right now, of course, I don't know any current models, so he could totally make it up and I wouldn't know, but if he mentions these, which I do know, then I win !

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