Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Albuquerque Comic Expo 2013 Recap - #ACE2013 #ABQComicExpo

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Seriously, this post rambles a bit because I'm still so exhausted from all the fun I had this last weekend that my brain hasn't properly recovered well enough to write good. Writer gooder. Write.

Last year, Matt and I were able to attend our first comic convention ever, and a local one at that! It was one of the most memorable and amazing weekends of our young, geeky lives and there was nothing that could stop us from making this a yearly tradition. So this last weekend as most of my followers (on any social media) know, we spent our time in downtown Albuquerque living up the geeky life.

Albuquerque Comic Expo!

Once again we were able to meet some of our heroes face to face. Despite having flashbacks to last years expo when I made an ass of myself in front of Adam Baldwin, I was determined to have an actual conversation with at least one celebrity. And I lucked out in such a major way.

For those who don't know my Buffy addiction, Buffy was basically my geek religion before Doctor Who came along. Buffy was my hero and Xander was, let's face it, the guy we all wanted to end up with after we  were done with our vampire boyfriends. I lucked out in a major way and married my own Xander Harris. And then I lucked out again when I was able to meet Nicholas Brendan in person at ACE.

I froze as we approached his table, thinking that Matt was going to walk by it and we'd come back later when I wasn't such a bumbling moron, but nope, my husband walked right up to him and shook his hand like he does with every other celebrity, because unlike me, Matt knows how to act like a human and not a crazy fangirl.

Lucky for me, Nicholas was beyond kind and sweet and wasn't eager to shoo me and my giggling self away. Matt stood there and carried on a conversation with him, talking about how great Buffy was and how he loved all of Nick's terrible horror movies and how we were both sad that Kitchen Confidential was canceled. We also mentioned how excited we were because Nick and ACE had put together a Karaoke Night later on in the evening that we were going to attend. And that's when things went downhill for me.

Me: *finally feeling like a normal human who could have a normal human conversation with just another normal human* I'm really excited about karaoke tonight. I jokingly said on Facebook that if they offered selections from Once More With Feeling (the Buffy musical episode), all of our brains would implode.

And then this happened . . .

Nick: *singing* "It could be witches! Some evil witches. Which is ridiculous 'cause witches they were persecuted Wicca good and love the earth and women power and I'll be over here." (One of his lines from I've Got a Theory, from Once More With Feeling.)

Me: Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! Too real! Too real! 

And then I ran away.

The only way I can properly describe what happened in my brain would be to say . . . so this is what it's like when world's collide. I seriously could not handle the fact that not only did Nicholas Brendan speak to me, but he sang to me, and sang to me a song from my favorite episode of my favorite show in the world. And I could not handle it.

Once I'd recovered, we walked around the Expo meeting other celebrities like Glenn Morshower, Mark Meer, and two original Power Rangers (black and blue), we attended a few panels and then prepared ourselves to go to Karaoke night.

Nicholas Brendan came in and while our hosts set up the music, he walked around and gave everyone a hug. No joke. He hugged every single person there, (except Matt who claimed his hug later the next day). As Nick approached me, he recognized me from earlier, gave me a hug and then sang, "She eats these skeezy cheeses that I can't describe!" Another line from Once More With Feeling.

Karaoke was amazing. Nicholas sang a duet song from the Buffy musical episode and the entire crowd freaked out like I suspected. Then 70+ geeks united in singing Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Cranberries and Rob Zombie. Nick and Mark Meer (best known as Commander Shepherd from Mass Effect) sang The Time Warp and we all danced. Then when the night came to a close, we all together sang Bohemian Rhapsody acapella (when the music went out) and it was a geekgasm explosion of awesome.

The next day we ran into Nick once more and he commented that my hair was a different color (I'd been wearing a wig the previous day) and that's when Matt stole his hug and I got the above photo op. Nicholas Brendan turned out to be one of the nicest celebrities I've ever met, and certainly one of the funnest and funniest people. He also said, "Boobies" like constantly that I suggested it turn into a drinking game on twitter. Awesome.

Alright... now onto the rest of the weekend.

(Warning, lots of pictures ahead.)

First Day of the Expo

The Amazing Spider-Matt and Spider-Man

Matt and a Tardis. Be still my heart.

Matt and the Turtle Van!

The amazing Todd Dezago!

Matt and voice actor hero, Billy West!

Matt and The Dude, cosplayed by our friend Admiral Duke

Nerds With Issues Panel

Sith vs Jedi

Myself and El Duderino, cause I'm not into that whole brevity thing.

Me and my awesome pal Wendi, of Makeup Zombie fame

Me and Captain Kirk

Me and The Doctor having a Sonic Screwdriver Battle

Matt and Quail Man
At the end of the second day, Matt and I fulfilled a long term dream of mine and subsequently scratched off a 30 Before 30 list item when we attended a live showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. All "virgins" are marked accordingly and initiated before the show. It was a ridiculously twisted and awesome experience and I plan to return soon! The Rocky Horror New Mexico cast was fantastic!

Finally, I scratched off another 30 Before 30 list item by attending the expo in cosplay. I worked really hard on my outfit and struggled a lot internally with actually putting it on. The cosplayers at ACE were phenomenal and mine was so very homemade and a mixture of mediums and medias that I felt very unsure of myself. But in the end I went for it.

Me as Hit Girl
And I had a blast.

Overall ACE was a great experience that we plan on repeating every year. It's amazing to have a comic expo here in our own town and to be able to mingle with other locals who love the same things that we do.


Leslie Limon said...

I know I read through this whole post but can't remember any of it except for the fact that you met Xander!!!! OMG!!! I am a HUGE Buffy fan! Netflix here is Mexico just added it to it's line-up, so now that all I'm watching these days. :)

How fun that you dressed up for the expo. You totally rocked the cosplay! :)

Ben said...

That is a pretty good 10th Doctor right there.

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