Thursday, May 9, 2013

Comical Self Care

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Did you guys know that Allie Brosh has returned? Last night she magically appeared on twitter, and the internet's heart jumped for joy. I have a long term love for Allie and everything she does in the blogging world. Even though she's super famous on the internets, I still think of her as a friend. In fact, I have a picture of the two of us. Allie actually helped bring out a little bit of my inner artist a few years ago during a really bad time in my life. And then today I was like, "Shit, it's been forever since I drew a comic or whatever..." 

So today to honor the return of the amazing Allie, I opened up my PaintShop Pro, and clicked the crayon button once again.

Hi, I'm Jia!
 Wait . . . I haven't looked like that in years.
That's better, put pink all over that.
I don't dress like that though. 
Seriously, when was the last time I wore green?
And I've never owned purple pants.
Who owns purple pants?
Much better! That's what I look like! 
You know, if I were a poorly drawn cartoon.
Except today I look more like this . . .
Jia's all pissy.
Cause Mother's Day is coming and she's PMSing...
And she's on fertility meds that give her migraines and hot flashes...
and her sister's in the hospital but she can't visit cause she's still getting over a sinus infection and she can't risk her sister getting sick cause she's having surgery and Jia doesn't know how to help her and it's really frustrating...

Seriously though, it's been a bad morning.

But I'm still working through my Self Love challenge and stuff. Stress and garbage may continue to dump on me, but it's been worse. And honestly, at least I've still been able to shower. Legs shaved and everything. And that's serious effort right there.

So instead of wallowing in the stress like I might normally do, I'm going to follow Allie's example and look for the shriveled up piece of corn in my life.


How do you take care of yourself during a bad day?
(Let's make a list in the comments below)

Update: Apparently NBC has gone against my wishes and cancelled Whitney. Because they hate me. So taking care of myself today will involve the ugly cry while watching Community with my fingers crossed, praying that it doesn't go next.

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April Durham said...

So, to be totally honest I suck at keeping up with blogs. Yours is one I've kept up with, but am horrible at commenting on. That said...I can't believe you started swearing in your blog posts. That makes me want to do it. Welp, it's official...I'm going to say SHIT twice in a blog post. the spirit of relevance...I was wondering what happened to your little illustrations and I feel that they need to make a comeback. That is all.

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