Thursday, March 14, 2013

Prescription: Intercourse

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Popping in today to give a quick update on the whole fertility front.

Remember last month when I had a crazy amount of blood tests, a biopsy, an ultrasound and an HSG? Yeah, my body does too. Which is why it totally went into a major Fibromyalgia flare up and I've been coasting by on caffeine and leftover Valentine's Day lollipops ever since.


I had my follow up appointment with she who shall now be known as Dr. Test-a-Lot, because she's pretty much the only doctor to ever test me for things before she gives me any random diagnosis to get me out off of her check list for the day. She's awesome.

And speaking of awesome, guess who's basically healthy? This girl. Everything looked normal except for one small (only not so small thing) I apparently don't produce enough progesterone, which fertility speak translates to my ovaries make eggs, and then love them so much because they are awesome, that they refuse to get rid of them in a timely manner. So I'll be starting fertility drugs this month along with the same drug that I took in January which resulted in me crying hysterically over everything from puppy adoptions to Food Network.

In addition to the prescriptions and new lab work orders, I went home with a set of instructions on how to take the fertility meds, when to take the fertility meds, how to track ovulation and oh . . . . sex.

 So if this house is a'rocking . . .  it's probably because our Calendars have synced.

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