Friday, January 4, 2013

Two Too Many Holes

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Conversation with Matt while watching 30 Rock . . .

Me: That's incorrect.

Matt: What is?

Me: A head has seven holes.

Matt: No, no it doesn't.

Me: Dude, yes it does. I just counted.

Matt: Oh no. Baby, did you count your eyes as holes?

Me: Well . . . technically they're holes.

Matt: No, no sweetie. Eyes are not holes.

Me: Eye sockets are holes.

Matt: No.

Me: Yes! Eyes are basically holes that are stuffed!

Matt: I love you.

Me: No! Don't do that whole "I love you cause you're kinda crazy thing"! I've seen a human skull before. If you stick your fingers in the eyes, they go through and end up in the decomposed brain somewhere. That's like the definition of a hole!

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