Monday, January 28, 2013

Different Flowers from the Same Garden

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My sister and I met when I was seven and she was six.

We're not sisters by blood, but she's still my baby sister.

And today is her 28th birthday!

So since we're too old for spankings, and I've already given her presents there's only one thing left to do.

This is for stealing my clothes, for changing the channel, for hogging the remote, for eating the last Cup of Noodles, for snoring on the bottom bunk, for tattling, for kicking me off the dial-up internet, for all the scream fests, the fights, the name calling and for getting me grounded.

Happy Birthday, weirdo.

Thanks for teaching me to swim, for rubbing my back when I was PMSing, for forgiving me anytime we fought, for apologizing for being a butt hole, for brushing my hair, for sharing the mirror and the makeup, for painting my nails, for singing boy band music with me after a breakup, for taking my side, for taking my advice, for offering your own, for giving me a nephew, for letting me watch him be born, for being my ride, for picking up the check, for letting me spoil you when I can, for loving me for who I am, for understanding me - struggles and victories, for being my family, and my best friend.

Love you!

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