Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Resolutions and Other Lies I Tell Myself

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I'm getting ready for my second annual New Years Eve spent at Motherlys house in Colorado. Every year the parents decided to go to Las Vegas for the big celebration only to come home a few days later complaining about how they always stay too long and that next year they're just going to stay home.

Then about eleven or so months later I get a text message that says, "Wanna watch my dogs for a week after Christmas?"

I don't mind. In fact I look forward to it. Time alone is needed, peace and quiet (aside from the dogs) is practically a happy sedative, and there's a Chipotle literally within walking distance. Not MY walking distance, but I'm sure someone could make it there and back without pulling something.

So close to Christmas, I hadn't started packing until yesterday, which is weird because my OCD makes me want to start packing for a trip about two weeks ahead of schedule. I'm the type of person that shows up to the airport two hours ahead of time and then watches Netflix on my phone with my feet propped up on the seat next to me like I live there. So not having things ready usually would seem like a panic attack waiting to happen.

But I'm savoring the last lazy moments of 2011. Which would be a lot easier if I still didn't have to pack.

One suitcase is ready to go and I'm just waiting for some laundry to finish drying before I can close 'er up. But my other suitcase is completely missing. The bulky one that usually carries my hair dryer, curling iron and other things I rarely use because I pack hair ties in my purse. It also houses my makeup case which will not fit in the larger suitcase surrounded by all my clothes. I'm forced to choose whether or not to leave it at home, or to pack less clothing since Motherly does have a washer and dryer.

Matt's already been telling me how much he's going to miss me and how much he loves me. Last night I told him that neediness wasn't sexy and that he should ignore me from time to time. So this morning when he went to work one of the last things he said was, "Take the garbage out before you go to the airport," and he didn't even kiss me goodbye. Kinda turned me on.

If you're hoping for some New Years resolution post, ain't gonna be one. I have one chapter of Untypically in Love set to post on Saturday and then you won't hear anything from me until after the 5th of January (unless of course you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, which I'll be using as often as possible in order to avoid watching marathons of Toddlers and Tiaras).

On second thought . . . I do have a New Years resolution! I resolve to be in Colorado for New Years! And as long as I avoid any problems with the TSA or a horrific plane crash, I should be all accomplished come January 1st. How's that for over achieving?


Katrina Jackson said...

Have a safe trip!  Happy New Year!  Oh, and can't wait for the next chapter.  :)

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