Saturday, September 17, 2011

Colorado Recap (Part 3) - Sisterly Bonding

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Once the parents left for their cruise, Kristine, the baby and I settled into our own routine. We'd get up, take care of the dogs, take care of the baby, and pick an event for the day which either consisted of eating out, shopping, or me taking a nap. Then we'd have dinner, water Motherly's insane amount of plants and watch tv until we fell asleep.

It was a good time. Relaxing. And it gave us a chance to get to know one another again.

Kristine and I haven't always been close. I was the baby of the family when I lived in Utah, with only an older cousin in the house to deal with. So when I moved in with Motherly and suddenly I had a baby sister to contend with (and puberty) well . . . things weren't always easy. A great deal of my memories of our teen years together consisted of her being a royal pain in my ass. But we were sisters, that's how sisters work.

But looking through old pictures and videos I forgot the good times. The times when we would make up dances to Ace of Base in our backyard. The times when we'd sit together on Christmas mornings and open our presents, tossing wrapping paper at each other. The time when she buried me in the sand at the beach (boobs and all). And the time that we both accidentally got drunk at a Christmas party and spent the night dancing with an electronic Santa.

Kristine: We used to be best friends.

Me: Yeah, I guess we were.

Kristine: I looked up to you so much. I wanted to be just like you.

Me: I'm an asshole, aren't I?

High school of course made it harder. We'd just lost Grandma and we had different social groups. By the time she became a sophomore I was already done with school, in a long term relationship with Matt, and working full time. It was hard to find time to spend together.

Time was one thing we weren't lacking during the trip though. And I'm glad for that. I got to know my sister again. I got to see what an amazing mother she is. And just like old times, we got to watch girly movies together, do our makeup and hair together, and act like complete morons.


Katrina Jackson said...

Love this.  That's exactly what I do with my sister when we get to see each other. 

The Pro Diva said...

Aren't sisters great! I have 3, and every time we get together it's like no time has passed. I can't wait for the holidays to see them!

Kristin said...

I'm glad you got a chance to reconnect with your sister.

Eva Gallant said...

I'm glad you and your sister reconnected.  Sisters are the best!

Stephanie Martinez said...

That's great that you got time together to reconnect.  It's a great feeling!

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