Monday, May 16, 2011

Signs That Antidepressants Are Working

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I've regained much of my long lost sense of don't-give-a-damn.

I remember being twelve or thirteen years old and running through a grocery store with my little sister, acting like four year olds and then crying, "Mommy, don't you love us?" as Motherly quickly rushed away screaming, "I don't know you children!" Those were the good times. When I was not shy in the least.

You'd be surprised to hear, but over the last few years (more like ten) I've become shy to the public. To people who know me well, I have very few reserves, sometimes I have even less shame. But in public, I don't like to be embarrassed or be silly. Sure there've been moments when the old Jia would peak out from behind a corner, and certainly I'm much more myself here on my safe little blog, but more often than not in public I'm yelling at Matt for causing a scene, bringing any unwanted attention and mostly for grabbing my ass inside Walmart.

But lately, thanks to modern medicine and the miracles of therapy . . . I'm feeling my old, strange, and very shameless self again.

This week I seduced a giant jar of pickles.

Hilarity from Allie Brosh
People watched. It was joyful.

Matt pointed at the giant jar of pickles. I love pickles.

He noted that the giant jar of pickles was on sale. I love being cheap.

I slowly approached the jar of pickles.

I put on my seductive face.

Which usually looks like one of the following:

I cozied up to the jar of pickles and pulled the famous yawn move as I slipped my arm around the jar.

At this point Matt asked me to put the jar in the cart and then threatened to leave me at the store.

Also, I'm finding Matt much less annoying, which is pretty great for our marriage. Today while we were waiting in line for steaks from a truck sitting in the mall parking lot I put his hand on my boob and then told him he was being inappropriate.

Seven years of marriage and the spark is still there.

PS: Did you know that today is day 6 of Untypically Jia's Birthday Countdown Extreme? Well it is. And you're welcome.


Middlechild54 said...

Now you sound fun like me. The hell with what other people think.  We've been known to throw 4 packs of T.P. over the shelves to each other.  I flash him when he's outside and I'm inside.  But I love the one where YOU place his hand on your breast and told HIM h was being inappropriate.   Mind if I use that one?

Linda Medrano said...

You are hysterical and I love your face.

Middlechild54 said...

The old Jia ROCKS!

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