Friday, May 27, 2011

Love, Yourself (May Update)

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For those just tuning in, last year I wrote letters to myself that will automatically post on my blog each month throughout the year. It's my way of keeping up with progress and showing myself the difference an entire year can really make. Instead of obsessing on the little things, I'm looking at the big picture.

This week, another letter posted to the blog. And here is the difference that one year can make.

A year ago you turned twenty-six years old. Also, someone you greatly admired died. And it changed you.You wanted to live a happier more optimistic life and you did. You really started to come out of the darkness. You decided to embrace the redhead in you and you went with an extreme dye job that you loved. It boosted your self esteem and you felt gorgeous!

I turned 27 a week ago. What I've always considered to be my perfect age. And while my first week as a 27 year old hasn't exactly been perfect, I'm still alive and life is beautiful - even when it's not as bright and colorful as the day before! Speaking of color, I am in serious need of a dye job.

This month you weighed 255 pounds, but you were happy. You lost the weight loss challenge, but you came out with perspective. You thought you were beautiful and that was so important. If only we can get you healthy physically and healthy emotionally. Let's work on that, shall we?

Perspective has stayed with me! Last month I gained back a few of the pounds I had previously lost due to new medications. I am happy to say however that I am back down to my lowest weight in five years at 234!

You started taking care of yourself again. You started doing your hair and treating yourself like the girly girl you secretly are deep down. Keep this up. It takes work, but you know that even on a really bad day, a gorgeous shade of red lipstick makes you feel better.
Okay, I'm going to admit it. I haven't been good about this lately. I had to double my medication dosage this last week and the side effect it chose for me was total exhaustion. I am determined however to jump back on the sexy wagon! Now where'd I put the 16 shades of red lipsticks? 

May 2010                  -                   May 2011

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Kristin said...

You know, these posts are really inspiring me to do something for myself.

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